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Macbook laptop repairs in Raynes Park

We offer Mac and PC repairs in Raynes Park and surrounding areas. Our friendly engineers can come to your doorstep to fix all type of computer problems. We are open 7 days and offer NO FIX – NO CHARGE service. Our charges are very reasonable and our services include:

  • Onsite and Home visits in Raynes Park.
  • Mac repairs.
  • PC repairs.
  • Laptop screen replacement.
  • Virus, malware, adware and spyware removal.
  • Data recovery and backup.

Raynes park computer repairs mac

Recent job from Raynes Park for Macbook repair

The client from Raynes Park brought this Macbook Pro to our repair centre in Putney. The Macbook was not turning on at all. The client told us that the problem had risen out of the blue and he had not dropped the laptop or spilled anything on it. We diagnosed it and found out a faulty charging board, which was stopping the battery from getting charged. Thus, preventing the Macbook from turning on at all. We replaced the faulty Magsafe adaptor / charging board. The laptop started to work again as normal. Another satisfied customer from Raynes Park!

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