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Laptop Repair Services in Putney

We provide very high quality services for laptop repair in Putney. We specialise in bringing dead laptops back to life. From minor software issues and virus removal to replacing broken screens, motherboards, processors and graphic chips, we do it all!

Best of all we do not charge anything for diagnosis and provide you a free no-obligation quote.  You only pay what we quote and there is no hidden charge.  Our in-house services include:

  • Virus Removal – £50
  • OS Re-Install / Upgrade – from £50
  • Screen Replacement – from £70*
  • Power Jack Repair – £80
  • Memory upgrade – from £25*
  • Data Recovery – £50
  • Graphic Chip Repair -£80
  • Motherboard replacement – from £80*
  • Hard Drive replacement – from £50*

*Depending on model and specification