Virus Clean-up Service in Wandsworth for PC and Mac computers. We cover whole SW18 postcode for all type of computer services. If your computer has following symptoms then it is most probably infected with viruses:

  1. Very slow start-up and response.
  2. Freezes every now and then.
  3. Browser opens pop-up advertisements.
  4. Restarts itself in middle of programs.
  5. Sending random emails to people in address book automatically.
  6. Blue Screen Of Death.
  7. Unusual error messages.
  8. No or limited internet connectivity.
  9. Crashes in between programs and/or restarting itself.
  10. Does not allow you to install a new program or anti-virus.
  11. Does not allow you to access disk drives or printers.

Our certified engineers in Wandsworth specialize in PC and Mac virus removal WITHOUT any loss of data or applications. Unlike other companies, we do not wipe any of your files or folders during Virus Cleanup. Our first priority is to protect our customers’ data and programs. We do everything we can to protect your valuable information. We charge a flat fee for Computer Health Check service. This service includes cleanup of viruses, Malwares, Trojans, Adwares  and un-necessary services. 

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PC Virus Removal Guide for our Wandsworth clients:

  1. Start your Windows PC in Safe Mode (with networking). You can do that by pressing F8 key when starting your computer. Your computer will prompt you and you should select “SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING” option.
  2. If you have access to another computer then download Malware Bytes Anti Malware program from Bleeping Computer website and transfer the file to infected computer via a USB stick etc. If not, then you can try to download it with infected computer (if it allows).
  3. Close all applications on your computer (including Internet Explorer or Google Chrome etc).
  4. Double-click mbam-setup.exe to run Malware Bytes.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen and install Malware Bytes. Do not change the default settings.
  6. When the installation finishes, do not forget to tick the Launch Malwarebytes Anti-Malware before clicking the Finish button.
  7. When program starts, click on the Scan button.
  8. If it prompts you to install any updates, click the Update Now button.
  9. Now it will scan for Malwares and Viruses in your computer (it may take very long to scan, so wait for it to finish).
  10. After it has finished scanning it will display the list of all viruses. Click on Apply Actions button for Malwarebytes to clean the infections.

If you live in Wandsworth and want us to clean your computer then call us now on 0207 6100 500.

PC Virus Removal (recent job from Wandsworth)

We got this Windows 7 Dell Precision M3800 laptop from a Wandsworth client for virus removal. The laptop was full of adwares, malwares and viruses.  It was so badly infected that it was not letting it boot-up, not even in safe mode. One solution that others offer in this situation is to format the hard drive and reinstall the operating system. However, that is only possible when there is no useful data in the computer or the customer does not need the data. In this situation, the customer from Wandsworth had a lot of pictures in the hard drive that she did not want to lose. We took out the hard drive and connected it to our workstation to start the scan/cleanup. The cleanup was successful and we got rid of all the viruses without losing a single file on the laptop.

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