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Wimbledon laptop screen replacement / repair:

We are Wimbledon’s favourite computer repair service with certified and friendly engineers. We offer free diagnosis and no fix – no charge guarantee. Best of all our prices are very reasonable and laptop repairs start only from £25. 

Example: Recently, a Wimbledon client brought an HP laptop with a broken 15.6″ LED screen. We have a big client base in Wimbledon SW19.

The screen replacement on this laptop was a fairly easy job. We keep common types of replacement screens in stock. However, the left side hinge of the screen was also broken and it needed a replacement as well. Therefore, we ordered the hinge from our supplier for this laptop screen replacement job. We got it the next day, replaced it and even delivered to the client in Winbledon. The laptop came back to its original pristine condition after screen replacement.

Tips for laptop screen replacement for our Wimbledon clients:

Laptop screen replacement in most laptops is a fairly easy job. If you are a bit technical, you can do it yourself. You’ll need a few simple tools and a replacement LCD screen. For tools, we recommend a screwdriver with a variety of small bits. It’s also a good idea to have a few thin metal blades or plastic spudgers. These are really handy for removing the trim that surrounds the screen.

As for the replacement LCD, you should be able to buy one either from the laptop manufacturer’s authorized parts dealer or a third-party supplier. Depending the screen, a good quality one usually cost between £50 – £100. Beware of the cheap imitations from online marketplaces! Also keep in mind that you want to buy a new screen that matches your broken one exactly. The only sure way to do this is to remove the broken one.

1. Remove the screen bezel

After disconnecting the power supply and removing the battery, carefully examine the bezel around the screen. You’ll need to remove this bezel to access the screws that hold the LCD panel in place. Regardless of how you do it, you’ll need to completely remove the bezel.

Laptop screen replacement Wimbledon SW19

2. Remove the broken LCD screen panel from the laptop

With the LCD’s mounting brackets exposed, you can remove the screws that secure it to the lid. Then rest the display front-side-down on the case and disconnect its cable.

Now, locate the manufacturer’s label and note the model number. Using this information you should be able to buy an exact match for your broken screen.

3. Install the new LCD screen panel to the laptop

Once your new screen arrives, unpack it and make sure it matches the old one.

If the dimensions, mounting brackets, and connector all match, you ready to install the screen. Connect the new panel to the cable, position the panel in the lid, and secure it using the appropriate screws.

4. Test the new LCD panel and reinstall the bezel

Before reattaching the bezel, it’s a good idea to test the new panel. Reconnect the battery and power cable and turn the computer on. If the replacement screen works, you can reattach the bezel and any external screws and rubber cushions. The screen replacement is now complete.

Laptop screen replacement in and around Wimbledon SW19:

We, at PC Macgicians, specialise in PC and Mac computer repairs in Wimbledon. Our repair centre is based in Putney, just round the corner from Wimbledon. We offer in-house and on-site repairs for computer related problems including virus removal, screen replacement, logic board repair, internet troubleshooting, Operating System repair, e-mail setup, data recovery and power-jack repair.

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