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We are Wimbledon’s top PC and Mac repair centre. We offer NO FIX – NO CHARGE and are open 7 days a week. We also do onsite and home visits. Same day service in-store service available with prices starting from £25. 

Recent Wimbledon Onsite computer repair job

The client from Wimbledon came to our shop for water damaged laptop repair. Wimbledon is very close to us and we offer all type of laptop services in Wimbledon and surrounding areas. This water damaged laptop repair job was from a regular client. The client had spilled some water on it. The water damaged laptop repair requires a lot of patience and expertise.

Our engineer dismantled the liquid damaged laptop to do the repairs. The motherboard was showing signs of burnt components. The laptop was quite old and getting hold of the parts was a difficult task. We also found out that keyboard and power button were also faulty. The client wanted to fix this one as he was quite used to it and did not want to change the laptop. We managed to locate second-hand parts from our supplier. We replaced the parts and this Wimbledon laptop repair job was a success.


water damaged laptop repair wimbledon
Liquid damaged laptop repair

Tips for water damaged laptop repair:

These tips are not only for water damaged laptops but for all liquid damaged computers. For DIY water damaged laptop repair please follow the following steps:

  • Turn the laptop off immediately.
  • Disconnect the battery.
  • Unplug and disconnect all the peripherals such as mouse, scanner, printer, usb stick etc.
  • Turn the laptop upside down.
  • Clean the liquid with a towel or cloth.
  • Make sure that you wear proper anti-static protection to insulate from static discharge.
  • Disassemble the laptop (if you are confident enough!).
  • Remove the dry residue using a lint-free cloth or by using compressed air gun.
  • If you spilled anything that is not water, then it needs to be rinsed off.
  • There are several ways to rinse your machine. A good way is to use de-ionised water for this job.
  • Let the laptop dry for a day or so.
  • If your first rinse did not remove all of the residue, you can perform a solvent rinse.
  • Re-assemble and test the laptop.

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