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We are a trusted name in Roehampton for PC & Mac laptop repairs. We are based in SW15 (very close to Roehampton University). We offer all type of laptop and desktop computer repairs including: 

We understand the needs of our clients from Roehampton and offer best service with unbeatable prices. Most of our clients are from Roehampton University and need their computers to be repaired as soon as possible. That is why we also offer same day repair service. From laptop screen replacement to motherboard repair, we do it all. Best of all we do not charge anything to diagnose the problem and give you free no-obligation quotation.

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DIY laptop repair tips for our Roehampton clients:

  1. If you have spilled water or any other liquid on your laptop, the first thing you should do is to disconnect the power supply and take the battery out. Do not turn it on unless a professional has diagnosed it properly. This will minimise the risk of any damage.
  2. To increase the life of your laptop make sure you do not block the air vents when using it. This is mostly prevalent in winter months when people tend to use it while in bed. Overheating can damage CPU and graphic chip, which can be very expensive to repair.
  3. Virus is the most common problem with Roehampton University students’ laptop that we come across. To minimise the risk of infection, do not visit any dodgy websites that offer stuff (like free movies etc). It is also very important not to click any link that you are not sure of (specially free programs and applications required to run those free movies).
  4. We know that your computer is very important to you if you are a student. To keep it running smoothly keep it clean. This includes internal components (like fan, heat sinks, motherboard etc). Use a pressurised air duster or compressor to do that. Otherwise, take it to a professional to do that. Clogged air vents and heat-sinks are number 1 cause of graphic chip damage. 
  5. Data lost can be devastating. We advise all our clients from Roehampton to back-up their computers regularly. This should be done to an external hard drive or preferably to a server (example: Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive etc). 

For a free advice call us on 0207 6100 500.

We are open 7 days a week and are just walking distance from Roehampton University.

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