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We are number 1 for laptop screen repair in Fulham, SW6. We can repair all type of laptop screens including old style LCD screens or latest LED technology screens. We have a huge selection of laptop screens in stock. Therefore, we also offer same day service for Mac and PC laptop screen repair. Trust our certified engineers for all type of computer repairs in Fulham, including virus removalscreen replacementlogic board repairinternet troubleshooting, Operating System repair, e-mail setupdata recovery and power-jack repair.


What is wrong with my laptop screen?

Common symptoms of LCD screen problems for our Fulham customers:

Sometimes, it is not very obvious that the problem is with laptop screen.  If the laptop screen is visibly broken then you can be 100% sure that the LCD screen needs replacing. Otherwise, there is a long list of problems that can occur with laptop screens. Before, reading further we would recommend you to plug an external monitor to the VGA port of your laptop to see if it is showing display on an external monitor. If you live in SW6 Fulham area, then we would recommend to bring your laptop to our repair centre for a free diagnosis. Otherwise, if you are outside Fulham and cannot bring in the laptop to our repair centre then these tips will help you in diagnosing the problem with laptop screen:

  1. Broken / Cracked screen: A broken laptop screen cannot be repaired. It can only be replaced by a new LCD display. The cost of screen replacement depends on the make and model of your laptop and the quality of the replacement screen used. Beware of cheap imitation that are available online. Always use good quality screen when replacing.
  2. No display: If the only thing you see is a white or a black screen (no display), then it could suggest either a faulty screen cable or the faulty screen itself. Sometimes, it is a very small problem and could be rectified by just disconnecting and reconnecting the screen cable. Otherwise, the screen cable or the screen needs to be replaced.
  3. Screen flicker: If the small area or the whole screen is flickering after a while of turning on, then most probably it is the screen which is on its way out. It needs to be replaced with a new one.
  4. Very dim display: This problem suggests that the backlight for the LCD display is not working. If it is an old style LCD display then normally the inverter board is the culprit. Otherwise, motherboard or the screen panel could be the cause of the problem. Either way, it should be left to a professional to be fixed.
  5. Vertical or horizontal lines: If you can see the picture on the screen but horizontal or vertical lines are also showing up then most probably it is because of the fault with the graphics chip. The graphics chip is located on the motherboard. It can be repaired but the repair does not last long. Therefore, we do not recommend this type of repair. In this case, the motherboard should be replaced.

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Example of laptop screen repair job in Fulham SW6:

The customer from Fulham SW6 brought a Sony Vaio laptop to our repair centre. This Sony Vaio 15″ laptop had a cracked LCD screen. As the laptop was quite old the new screen was not available. We keep a huge stock of new and second-hand screens but this screen was an odd one and we did not have that. However, we managed to get hold of a second-hand laptop screen from a supplier in East London. We replaced the LCD screen and laptop was back to normal. Another satisfied customer from Fulham!


A little information about us:

We, at PC Macgicians, specialise in PC and Mac computer repairs in Fulham.

Our repair centre is based in Putney, just round the corner from Fulham (just by Putney Bridge). We offer:

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