Internet / Broadband Router Setup Home Visit – Balham

We are the best in Balham for home and business computer support. We can fix any computer issue at your premises. Our certified and friendly engineers can come to you the same day for computer support. Best of all we do not charge a single penny is we are unable to solve your problem.

Recent job in Balham:

The client in Balham had replaced a faulty router with a brand new one but could not make it work. He wanted to use the internet urgently and wanted us to setup the wireless router for him. We sent our engineer to the address in Balham within a hour and setup his new router with existing broadband connection. It is important to change network connections in every device when you change the router to make them work. Otherwise, those devices will still be searching for the old router to connect to the internet.

For any broadband router / internet connection problem in Balham, call us on 0207 6100 500.

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