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Balham’s favourite hard drive and data recovery service:

Have you lost your important data and feel helpless? We can recovery data from your broken or faulty media such as Hard Drives, SD Cards, USB Sticks, Cameras and Mobile Phones etc. For Balham clients we offer a NO FIX – NO FEE service. Our charges are very nominal and we only charge a fixed price for data recovery from any media regardless of size and capacity of the drive. If we fail to recover your data, we do not charge you anything!

Open 7 days.

Certified Engineers.

No data – no charge.

Unbeatable prices.

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Data recovery tips for our Balham clients:

No matter how careful you are with your files and media, you can still lose data if luck is playing up against you. For such instances, we have prepared some tips for our Balham customers to recover their lost data by themselves.

  • Unintentionally deleted files: Your deleted files may still be recoverable if you have not used any secure data deletion tool. In other words, when you delete a file it is only deleted from the index and not physically from that location (even after you empty recycle bin). So, you may still be able to recover the file if you use the correct tools.
  • Windows got corrupted: If you are experiencing system failure because of a faulty hard drive and cannot boot up into Windows, you can still recover data by connecting the hard drive to another computer. All you need to do is to take out the hard drive physically and connect it to another computer using a USB cable and/or external caddy.
  • Recover lost data and files: You may be able to recover the corrupted files and folders but they are of no use to you if they do not work. In that case you may want to buy dedicated file recovery software that can fix the corrupted files. Some data recovery software allow you to see the results before making actual purchase.
  • Recovering pictures and photos from SD cards: If your SD card is visible on your computer but you cannot see the deleted files then chances are that you may be able to recover them with a third-party data recovery software such as Zero Assumption Recovery.
  • Deep search lost data: If you normal search does not work, then you can try deep search option in data recovery tools. This option offers thorough scan that can extract data cluster by cluster. Do keep in mind that this option is very slow and may take days to recover your data. Try this only if normal search does not work.
  • Select the right search option: If deep search is not your cup of tea, then you must select the right search option to recover your data. Most data recovery tools have a wizard that lets you target the correct type of files and folders.
  • If you live in Balham and want to recover your lost data, you can save yourself all the hassle and come directly to us. We do not charge anything if we do not recover your files.

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We offer in-store and on-site repairs for computer related problems in Balham including: 

Virus, malware and adware removal 

Laptop Screen repair

Motherboard repair

Internet and broadband troubleshooting and setup

Operating System reinstall and repair

E-mail troubleshooting and setup  

Data backup, restoration & recovery

Power-jack and DC-in board repair.

For data recovery in Balham or more information call us on 0207 6100 500

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