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Computer Virus Removal Wandsworth

This computer virus removal job from Wandsworth SW18 was for a Dell Latitude laptop. The virus infected laptop had Windows 7 Home Premium installed. It was being used for a business in Wandsworth. The client wanted us to collect and drop the laptop from his premises in Wandsworth, SW18 and do the virus removal for him. The client complained that the computer had started giving problems and was extremely slow, a sign of virus infection. Start-up time was more than 2 minutes. As soon as he would open the browser a lot of pop-ups would open automatically. He was also having problems in his business software. Also, the computer was freezing every now and then. We diagnosed the computer and found out a lot of viruses and malwares. We cleaned up all the viruses. We also cleaned all the dodgy and irrelevant programs from the start-up. After virus clean-up, the start-up time came down to just 47 seconds. The client was able to use his computer without any problems.

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Virus Removal Guide, Wandsworth

Laptop Virus Removal Guide, Wandsworth SW18:

  • Most dodgy programs look like valid applications.
  • They also use strong sales tactics.
  • These programs include adware and Trojans.
  • They display fake security alerts.
  • These programs also claims that they have won awards from major publications.
  • They try their best to make you purchase their software.
  • This leads to deceptive advertising and the use of malware to sell the software.
  • We have had a lot of jobs from Wandsworth regarding this problem.
  • A common method by these programs is to display fake results when the program scans your computer.
  • When the scan is finished you will be shown a list of fake security threats.
  • Our advice is to stay away from those programs!
  • Another common tactic is to advertise, or even directly install itself, through the use of malware.
  • These programs are typically installed automatically on your computer if you visit a site that offers copyrighted content.
  • In some cases it is automatic, and in other cases a file must be run.
  • Either way, the computer will have malware installed.
  • This malware will display fake security alerts.
  • This malware will ask you to install another rogue program, to remove it.

To remove these viruses, malwares and adwares, here is a good guide for virus removal.

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