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PC & Mac Virus Removal Services in Balham, SW12

We are Balham’s favourite company for PC and Mac virus removal services. We are a team of certified and friendly professionals serving Balham and surrounding areas. We know the value of your data. That is why nothing is more important for us than protecting your data. We are proud to present ourselves as the best IT company in Balham where we endeavour to clean-up the viruses without losing any data.

Our engineers can come to your doorstep in Balham to perform PC virus clean-up. We serve homes as well as businesses in Balham, SW12. You can also bring in your infected machines to our repair centre. Either way, you can be sure that you will get the best service with down to earth prices.

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Virus Removal Guide for our Balham customers:

Most dodgy programs pose as a valid application. They use strong sales tactics to make you purchase their fake products. These programs include adware and Trojans. They display fake security alerts so that you buy their software. This is known as deceptive advertising (the use of malware to sell the software).

A common method by these programs is to display fake results when the program scans your computer. When the scan is finished you will be shown a list of fake viruses and threats. Our advice is to stay away from those programs and do not spend your hard earned cash on these applications!

Another common tactic is to advertise, or even directly install itself, through the use of malware. These programs are typically installed automatically on your computer if you visit a dodgy site. In some cases it is automatic, and in other cases an executable file must be run. Either way, the computer will have malware installed that prompts you to install another rogue program, to remove it.

To remove these viruses, malwares and adwares, here is a good guide for virus removal.

Alternatively, call us on 0207 6100 500 for a free advice.

We also do home visits in Balham for all type of computer problems including virus removal, broadband / email setup, data transfer and software installation etc. For more information call us on 0207 6100 500.

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